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Présents et absents, John Batho

Hot Rats on a Sunday night

New shooter

Getting registered.

Haim covers Fleetwood Mac.

scandinaviancollectorsCharles EamesEiffel Tower Chair photograph, circa 1951. Silver Gelatin print. Presenting Charles and Ray Eames Wire chair, designed in 1951 for Herman Miller, USA. / iCollector


"I have stage 3 melanoma, which puts me at a 48% chance of survival over the next 5 years. However, I have the ability to speed read very technical material, so I went to the library at Duke and read over 800 papers on melanoma, which doctors just don’t have the time to read. I found one very promising study that suggests chloro quinine, combined with the deprivation of a certain amino acid, has shrunk tumors in mice to almost nothing."


This is fucking genius. So damn good.